Friday, March 14, 2008


Some things you just don't want them to outgrow:

Cool Cracks = Corn Flakes

St. Peter's Truck = Transporter Truck (more evidence that I am raising an Catholic?)

Mazazeeny = Magazine

Peter Eighteen Wheeler Truck = Peter Easte---g Whee--r (learning his full name)


greasy joan said...

Their learning to talk is sooo sweet, isn't it? Until they discover that salty words sound like words we use all the time, e.g., "truck" -- said by a two year old, you get the idea when you're in the grocery, bump into your preacher, and your son sees a junk toy in the makeup aisle, and proceeds to.... while you recoil in horror, "The TRUCK..."

Or worse, my eldest and I didn't have a code word for nursing, we just called it "nurse." In the supermarket she'd sit in the buggy with my... ahem... staring her directly in the eyeball and say what she wanted loudly and clearly for anyone within earshot to understand EXACTLY what she meant. That it was at the Western in the village in meant that LOTS of people we all know were on hand to witness the occasion.

"No, Emma, you can't have my PURSE!"


Martha said...

LOL!! I decided early on that our word for nurse would be "milk." So when Peter asks for milk in the grocery store, everyone can be impressed with how kind is to remind his mother to pick up another carton of skim ;)