Friday, April 13, 2007

Welcome to Martha's World!

If I'd given birth to one of those quiet, placid, naturally-compliant babies, you wouldn't be reading this blog. Oh, I'd have started a blog all right, and probably much sooner. I wouldn't be able to resist "helping" those mothers who were weak enough to co-sleep after six months and whose toddlers throw frequent tantrums.

But it wouldn't be... this blog. Nope. God gave me Peter. He's that kid in Kindermusik who doesn't have time to "hide, hide, hide the egg" but will madly shake that sucker as he runs laps around the room.

I've been forced to consider some new ways of parenting (or old ways, depending on how you look at it). I pray daily for wisdom, actively seek it, and process these thoughts and our experiences here for all to see.

You're reading the thoughts of a 32-year-old wife (to Tom) and mother (to Peter, our toddler). We've got another kiddo due in November.

A note to those who know me in real life: I keep this blog on the down-low, since I increasingly take a "don't ask, don't tell" approach to sharing my parenting practices.


Susie said...

You're secret's safe with me! It's always a pleasure to read your writing.

kristen said...

Your secret is safe with me, too!

I'm secretly glad you can't cook ;o) Every woman must have a flaw! But, alas, I shall never love to clean and cooking is easier to master!

Kim & John said...

I LOVE your blog!

It took me a minute to figure out who you were, but I'm so glad you're letting me read it. (And I love your writing style, too!)

And thanks for the encouragement on mine...nothing is nicer than encouragement these days. :)