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British Invasion (Wk 17: PREGNANCY)

August 23, 2005

My nesting is in full swing, and I've completed the nursery.

English Bunnies

By "nursery," I mean the laundry closet which will hold the baby's stuff, along with a changing pad on top of the dryer.

I had already painted the walls a wedgewood blue. I'd also purchased white baskets with blue and white striped liners, stacked neatly on my shelves since June. It felt funny starting a nursery less than a month after I found out I was pregnant, but I'm someone who created fake baby registries before trying to conceive. Besides, I figured that blue walls and white baskets weren't particularly baby, so I wouldn't have to lock the closet door when friends came over.

My work this past weekend was to create a mural that would shout baby. Anglophile that I am, I found my inspiration in Tom's baby china, Bunnykins: little English bunnies skipping and playing and picnicking in their vintage clothing. My favories scenes are the pastoral ones, with the rabbits frolicking under trees, playing badmitton, and crawling through logs.

As I stood on top of the washer painting tree leaves all the way onto the ceiling, I no longer felt like I was doing this "early" at seventeen weeks. These are my last days without a true belly-- and the change in balance that will come with it! As I turned and twisted to get to different angles of the ceiling, hopping from washer to dryer to paint clouds, for once I was glad to still have a relatively small frame.


Perhaps it was this realization that the comforts of the second trimester will soon in that filled me with an irrepressible desire to finish the mural in one day. So I did.

My laundry closet now resembles the English countryside, with bunnies up close and farther away, depending on where they are in the landscape. The largest bunny wears a yellow topcoat and paper hat, blowing his trumpet as he pulls along a wooden horse on wheels.

It didn't stop there. No, I had to install a new light fixture, hang all of our heirloom clothes on the door, and purchase a child's lamp with a 25W bulb for nighttime changes. Short of filling up those white basket (and I'm halfway there), the nursery is complete.

I just don't think I can admit it to friends for another month!

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