Friday, April 20, 2007

How to Shop in Peace

As I loaded groceries into the trunk, a car slowed behind me. An elderly man rolled down his window and asked, “Do you think he’s going to appreciate what you’re doing now when he’s fifteen years old?”

I assumed this was a reference to Peter’s riding on my back. Not sure whether the man was being facetious, sarcastic, or honestly curious, I just smiled and said, “Who knows? But it makes my life easier.”

Though, even if I could have read his tone of voice, I'd have given the same answer. I wear Peter for my sake more than his.

There, I said it.

When Peter’s on my back in the grocery store, he’s content. He’s not trying to wiggle his way out of the cart. He’s not grabbing apples out of the bins. He’s not reaching behind him for the cereal box. He’s not whining in boredom. He’s just along for the ride, and sometimes I even forget he’s there.

If he happens to benefit from it himself, great. But really, I'm just a lazy mom who wants to shop in peace.

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greasy joan said...

I'm a lazy mom too, Martha. I have the lazy-slacker method of doing dishes, laundry and of educating my children. Of course it all began with the lazy slacker method of feeding them and getting through the day, e.g., strapping them on the backeroo and going shopping.