Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Shower (Wk 32: PREGNANCY)

December 6, 2005

People are nicer to you when you're pregnant. I've been offered enough chairs to fill an auditorium. The woman who works at the deli across the street from my work who's scowled at me for the past seven years has suddenly developed the social skills of a first lady.

Then there's the gifts. Okay, so they're for the baby, but it feels like they're for me. When my mother asked me what I wanted for Christmas, the answer was things off of my registry.

My Bible study bought us our convertible car seat, along with some other sumptuous gifts. My workplace is planning a shower. Last weekend, close friends threw a shower too. They had offered to do it co-ed or just ladies, but since Tom hates the spotlight and doesn't give a rat's tail about booties, the co-ed idea didn't thrill him. I'd always imagined my shower a special time to share with women, so that settled that.

Pickles and Ice Cream

With an outfit that proclaims my belly to the world, I eagerly arrived. Pickles and ice cream awaited, an adorable and tasty theme. My cup literally overflowed with cake, cream, fot fudge, and cherries. My baby kicked with joy for all that sugar. He even moved enough for folks to see through my clothes.

Meanwhile, the arrival of every guest made me kick with joy. I felt so loved, so appreciated.

It was funny to see how people's personalities show in their gifts. Practical gifts from practical girls. Lavish gifts from luxury-loving girls. As I later piled gifts in my living room, I didn't need a written list to remember what came from whom. I could see the face of the giver on each one.

One More Milestone

With this shower behind, I feel all the more ready for the baby. We have clothes, car seat, and crib bedding. We have a bouncy seat. We have diapers. If he came tomorrow, no one would be making an emergency run to the store.


Really, wow. I can't believe I've made it so far, from the fake registries of a year ago to a real live baby shower. The weeks tick by with increasing speed, and Christmas will keep the clock moving. Two months from now, I'll hold a baby in my arms.

Belly Pics Week 32

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