Monday, April 21, 2008

Blame it on Spitzer

I dreamed that my husband was frequenting a prostitute. Do you know what really upset me? They were going to the movies together. How dare he go to the movies while I sit at home with Peter, having not gone to a movie in over two years!

It's not that we don't do sitters. Peter has been easy to leave since he was 18 months old. But we can't really afford to leave him unless it's for something big... So when you consider how much the movies cost these days... and how much the sitter costs... Suddenly it's $100 to go see Harry Potter. Or whatever it is people are seeing these days. (Really, what are people seeing these days?)

Maybe we'll take in a movie next time we go to visit the grandparents.


Susie said...

Ah, I think movies will be on the agenda again when we retire. I do miss having the kind of time to waste, I mean, spend, at the movies, not really sure if it will really be a "big screen" show or not. Until then, Netflix. (And really, we don't even watch full-length features in one sitting. Yawn ... parenthood is tiring!)

greasy joan said...

AMEN Susie!