Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hanging Head in Shame

I'm sure this is wrong on so many levels, but I'm desperate:

Peter will soon be eating dinner with a timer. If he doesn't finish before it goes off, too bad. Off to the bath.

For almost a week, he's been stalling over dinner. Like, really stalling. He spent thirty-five minutes tonight eating a pile of rice the size of his fist. It was one thing for him to eat one grain at a time at ten months old. It's another thing when he is using a fork.

Is he trying to avoid a bath? Enjoy table time with his dad? Or simply push my buttons? I don't know, don't care, and don't want to hear what the experts say. I just want to have a peaceful meal unpunctuated with, "Peter, eat... Peter, keep eating... Peter, you should be finished by now... Peter, it is getting late..."


Tanya said...

you have no idea who I am...friend of Amy's....however, just wanted to encourage you that you're not alone. :) My daughter done the EXACT same thing. I don't know why or if there's something she's trying to accomplish behind it besides pushing my buttons. We have had to set up some boundaries for dinner as well. Must eat in 30 min or less...after that, kitchen is closed 'till dessert if not getting up from the table for any reason during dinner (like going to the bathroom which she is famous for). Good luck. This can be so frustrating!!

Susie said...

Sorry dear! Barring exceptional dirtiness, Ryan gets a bath whenever we get around to it. Which, well, is darned convenient. LOL!

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Cutty note! Good job!