Friday, February 6, 2009

Three Cakes

Every mom has her issue, and mine is a determination to make my children's birthday cakes. Of course, I have no particular talent for this.

For Peter's 1st birthday, I wanted to replicate this:


I ended up with this:


The decoration of his 2nd birthday cake, a garbage truck, went more smoothly


but I was going through this brown flour stage and was ridiculous enough to use it for baking a brick. I mean, a cake.

This year, though, I nailed it. Finally, a cake equal to my skill:


The gummy earthworms were a particular hit with his class. And, yes, his only party this year was at school. Because if you are going to give a scoop of chocate cake, brownies and icing to two- and three-year-olds, someone else's turf is a nice place to do it.


Rachel said...

Love it! though as a teacher of that age group...what a mess! Hope you helped clean up;) he! he! I can't believe he's three! Happy birthday Peter...;)

L said...

i thought his teachers would hate me! i came armed with baby wipes and a roll of paper towels. but all the kids used their spoons and, to be honest, were amazingly neat. the only kid who needed his face wiped was mine...

Kristen said...

Cake decorating is so much harder than it looks! Happy Birthday to Peter!