Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm either really deep or really flaky

... because after a solid week of processing thoughts on contraception, I'm no closer to a decision. If anything, I've only raised more questions. Well, here's my plan:

Step 1: Learn why the Roman Church banned it in the first place
Step 2: Learn why the Protestant Church eventually accepted it
Step 3: Answer these questions by Josh McDowell, sent to me by Sarah:

1) Will it violate my conscience, or my understanding of the Lordship of Christ?
2) Will it help others by its example?
3) Will it be spiritually profitable?
4) Does it have the potential to dominate/control me?
5) Am I exercising this freedom to cover my sin?
6) Would Jesus do this?
7) Will it have evangelistic purposes?

This is going to take some time, so I'm going to publically drop this struggle while I deal with it in private.


kristen said...

I read an answer to Mary Pride by Jeff Meyers that I found really helpful when I was wrestling with this (while pregnant with Kate!) Unfortunately, the paper is not available for free online any longer, though it is available for $3 + shipping. LMK if you want the details.

Martha's World said...

Sure-- you have a link?

TulipGrrl said...

I just finished writing a paper that, while not on the topic of deciding about these matters, pulled from a bunch of resources that may be interesting to you. (Then again, maybe information overload isn't what you want.)

I'll email you the info you send me your email. tulipgrrl at gmail dot com