Saturday, January 3, 2009

Evening Fussiness, Part II

I take it back. I'm ready to have my evenings again, and I count the days until my infant gives up the evening nap and goes to bed early instead. Why?

First, I miss the alone time with my husband. We both get up too early to stay up after Charlotte goes to bed, which means our only waking hours sans kids is during their weekend naps.

Second, my letdown in the evenings has become aggressive, to say the least. This ticks off Charlotte, who would prefer a water fountain to a fire hose. Since she's already fussy at night to begin with, and she refuses to take comfort from a swing or a pacifier, we're stuck. Her source of comfort is now a source of pain, and many nights she has cried herself to sleep in my arms.

To lessen the deluge, I have to nurse lying flat on my back, which is not terribly conducive to watching movies or reading a good book.

Alternatively, I can soothe Charlotte by walking around the house with her, but that gets old fast.

So now I'm ready to get at the source of this evening fussiness. I was ready to try the Dr. Sears elimination diet-- until I read it. The thought of surviving two weeks on rice, potatoes, and pears is not particularly attractive. I could give up dairy, which is only slightly more appealing. But it would be a hard blow. It might be worth having a fussy baby in the evening as long as I can eat cheese.

Many folks have urged to me to talk to her doctor about reflux. This I will do-- but it won't necessarily solve things. My husband, normally the more "mainstream" of us, doesn't like the risks of medicating an infant whose symptoms aren't severe. And since Charlotte can be soothed without the meds, and she's still delightful during the day, I don't think it's time for prilosec.

Or is it?

Oh, what to do!


TulipGirl said...

She's about nine weeks old right now, right?

Praying you have wisdom as you research and find what you need to do for your little one.

The one thought I had was about the intense let down in the evening. . . I wonder whether you can give her a few quick nurses earlier in the evening to sort of head-off the intense let down, and while she isn't upset, hard to console, and angry at the let down?

Darcy said...

Can you pump right before her feeding, and give her the breast milk in a bottle? That would spare her the rush of milk. Or, if she doesn't take a bottle, you could pump just enough before her feeding, so that you're past the massive letdown. I myself have had letdown issues in the past. Both my children were gagged a time or two!

Hope you all are doing well. I would love to meet "Charlotte" in person one day!!

Meredith@MerchantShips said...

I feel for you! Our pediatrician wouldn't give us the reflux medicine for our baby since his weight gain remained consistent and he wasn't HOWLING in pain.

Howling, no. Fussy and inconsolable at night, yes.

At least his seems to be diminishing on its own. Here's hoping that her little stomach muscles mature as John's seem to be doing.

L said...

Yep-- she's nine weeks old.

Well, wouldn't you know it, we actually had a relatively decent night last night. I'm trying to figure out what was different, and I think it was getting in a good feeding BEFORE I ate my own dinner. Things are usually so rushed from the time that Tom gets home and we put Peter to bed, Charlotte usually gets the shaft. By time I really tend to her I have LOTS of milk.

I may have to skip eating with Tom and Peter, to get a good feeding in before I am so engorged.