Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"Worn Once for Pictures"

I've done some sewing for Charlotte, but I've spent just as much time snatching up deals on ebay.

I'm amazed at the number of sellers who claim that their child's smocked dress-- "bought new for $79.99" was only "worn once for pictures." Are they stupid enough to pay that much for a dress that their child never wears, or do they think I am stupid enough to believe it?

Maybe it's the honest truth. Maybe mothers do buy clothes that they don't allow their children to wear. But what fun are clothes you can't have fun in?

Well, to all the mothers out there who really do pay outrageous amounts for clothes to hang in the closet, I have one thing to say: OXICLEAN. Fill your kitchen sink with 5-6 shovels and warm water, let stained clothes sit in it for 4-6 hours, then throw them in the washer. I haven't met a stain that this won't cure.


Susie said...

You do know you are rare, right? That to most of the world, a smocked dress (or overalls, or whatever) is just a bit of nostalgia? That most people honestly don't see these clothes as utilitarian? That they truly don't even consider them for everyday wear but only for church and pictures? You know that, right?

I love you!

L said...

Have you ever been to story time at Emmett O'Neal library? ;) But I won't pretend that's the best example of the real world!

Maybe how most people feel about smocking is how I feel about french handsewn garments in true swiss batiste. Definitely church only, oxiclean or not! But they do get worn to church, over and over and over again.

The only thing I can think of to spend a fortune on and wear once for pictures is a wedding gown.

Susie said...

Seriously, Emmett O'Neal story time probably has the highest concentration of smocked clothing on planet earth, don't you think?