Monday, June 8, 2009

Bibs? Really?

Okay, so I'm watching Jon and Kate as I type. And I just saw the almost-5 year-olds (guessing this was taped before their birthday?) eating a snack with bibs.

Is that normal?

I was feeling sorta guilty for bibbing Peter as he neared his third birthday. My mother suggested I bring bibs for all the kids when I took his chocolate dumptruck birthday cake to his preschool class, but I nixed it, lest the mortification follow him to high school. And, truly, they didn't need it.

I'm thinking that once you've got full control of your utensils, a napkin in the lap will suffice.


Plucker Family said...

Having now taught 3' bibs for any of them;) You instincts are right I suspect:)

Susie said...

I am bib-tarded anyway. I actually tend not to bother wtih bibs even in the learning-to-eat-spaghetti-with-their-hands stage. They end up covered in muck head to toe anyway, so the bib is just one more thing to wash. But yeah, bibs on 5-year-olds are goofy.

Darcy and Jeremy said...

Did you see Kate toss the bibs this week? I'd say it's about time. Hopefully, she will toss the highchairs as well.

Peggy said...

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Anonymous said...

Maybe we, as mothers and women, should stop judging on how other mothers decide to raise their children. A bib at 5 years old? Who cares?