Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day 2: Tillich Immersion

"Santa is dead," my 3-year-old niece sadly said.

"No," her mother explained, "he just doesn't exist."

They've never done Santa, lest it interfere with faith in Christ. I once thought likewise. If I tell my child all about Santa, then later say it was all imaginary, will they then think all I told them about Jesus might be imaginary too?

These days, though, I think that the Great Santa Pessimism might just as easily teach Paul Tillich's closed universe: One man couldn't possibly visit every chimney in the world-- least of all know the names of every single boy and girl! He certainly couldn't be at Macy's and Belk's at the same time. And reindeer do not fly. Put your silly thoughts of hooves on the roof behind you, however much you want to believe.

As for me and my household? We're gonna stick with Santa. Learning how to believe is good practice for Christ.

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