Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Flower Anniversary

Tom and I married 4 years and 3 hours ago.

I'll never forget the night we returned home from our honeymoon to our condo-- which less than a week earlier had been my condo alone. We bumbled about unpacking, feeling a little awkward in our newly-shared place, then Tom said he needed to "pick something up" from his old house. When he came back (empty-handed, I must add), he rang the doorbell for me to answer.

Oh, the shyness of it all! The butterflies, the excitement, the wondering when it would feel normal to be married! How I would love to relive one of those days...

Though I cherish the comfort and intimacy we know now.

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greasy joan said...

Oh, how this brings back memories. Those years in that tiny Homewood apartment were such sweet years, hubby in grad school and surviving on love and Ramen noodles.

While it seemed like they went on FOR-ever, now it seems so short.

Bless you on your belated anniversary.