Friday, January 18, 2008

Signs of Aging #34

I take my child to a babysitter once a week, when she gets home from school. She lives at the end of the block from her junior high. The other day, her mother called to say they'd be late getting home. We had freezing rain, so her mom was getting in the long carpool line to bring her daughter home.

I thought to myself about how spoiled today's youth are. Isn't this what coats and umbrellas are for? I have no memories of getting door-to-door service due to the weather.

Then I realized that I sound like an old man: "In my day, we walked a mile to school. Through the snow. Barefoot." Sometimes I was barefoot, but I didn't live where it snowed. We didn't even have freezing rain. I lived in Hawaii, and I rode the bus.

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