Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Twelfth Night

I'd like to begin a new tradition next year: hosting a Twelfth Night celebration for friends and family. Or perhaps an Epiphany celebration on January 6th, which I guess is actually the 12th Day of Christmas, if you count by the Jewish and medieval custom of each day beginning at sunset.

Though if it's a Twelfth Night celebration, I could still have up my Christmas decorations without incurring bad luck. (What a fool I am for superstition! My husband is horrified.)

At any rate-- I hope this Christmastide has been as blessed for you as for my little family.

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greasy joan said...

I LOVE Twelfth Night. I wanted to give a par-tay this year but... welll...... I have no excuse.

I am actually around to updating my blogroll and CANNOT GET THE FOOL THING to work to add Martha's World and MCS blog.

ARGH! Be sure your blogrolling account works. I am pulling my hair out.