Monday, May 5, 2008

Simple Pleasures

It's the stuff two-year-old fantasies are made of.

We were standing outside our new house (no, we haven't moved in, but we visited it for the first time this weekend) meeting our new neighbors. Suddenly, music. Peter looked around. Where was it coming from? Ooh, a truck! Wow, a truck that plays music! And it's coming our way! And, and... it's not just coming our way, it's stopping right in front of us. A man sticks his head out of the truck and gives us ice cream. Could it be true?

So it was that the three of us walked over our threshold together for the first time, sitting on the kitchen floor to eat our treats. Peter laughed maniacally between every bite of his ice cream sandwich. What a Norman Rockwell introduction to life in a house.

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