Thursday, May 22, 2008

What will become of the Suburbs?

My husband can't stop talking about the oil crisis. He's like an Old Testament prophet on crack.

What's shocking about gas prices isn't that they are so high. It's that they aren't higher. Simple economics:

Diminishing supply + increasing demand = $4 a gallon. $5 a gallon. $6 a gallon...

You could blame Americans and their SUVs-- which will soon be a thing of the past-- but with the demand for oil in China rising at an exponential rate, we'll soon be taking a much smaller piece of the pie. It's doesn't matter who is (or isn't) in the White House. It doesn't matter whether or not the Saudis open the floodgates. What matters is that if oil production continues at the same rate as it is right now, oil will be gone by my child's 48th birthday.

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Laurie said...

I know it's crazy to think that our kids could be paying $20/gallon or something outrageous! Where does the madness end?