Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Ultimate Fantasy

Don't we all fantasize about returning to our toddler/child bodies and re-living that time with the knowledge we now have? For a long time, I pictured myself amazing everyone with my brilliance. Now I think I'd hide my cards, lest I get thrown into gifted programs and find myself in college at age 6. But it would still be neat to go through preschool again with a new appreciation.

That's the beauty of having a second child. I get to re-live my experience of parenting with the knowledge I have from parenting the first time around.

Of course, the whammy is that every baby is different. What worked beautifully (and what failed miserably) with Peter might be another story with another being. Yet there are some principles that, assuming I have a singleton birth and a healthy baby, can be standard for me. So I'm going to share them through this next week or so...

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