Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Call the Exorcist

We're having a problem with school. Unlike those children who woefully cling to their mothers when dropped off, Peter bursts into tears when I return to pick him up. It certainly doesn't help that this is ten minutes before his nap time. By time we make it home and to his bed, he is usually convulsing and foaming at the mouth.

Ah, the two's. Some people oppose the term "Terrible Twos", saying it promotes tension between mother and child at what can be a wonderful stage. I, for one, think that Terrible Twos is a euphemism compared to what I might call it.

The "Demon-Possessed Twos".
The "Will-My-Child-Grow-Up-to-be-a-Sociopath? Twos".
The "This-is-Why-Women-Get-Tubal Ligation Twos"...


Amy said...

LOL!!! I have one of those also. Except we have another week before we are officially two! Oh dear. Sweet boy... At least he loves school??? :)

Plucker Family said...

You crack me up! Hope it gets better.