Tuesday, July 1, 2008

First Day of School

After this post a few months ago, some friends have gotten the idea I'm opposed to preschool. As this post and this post explain, I actually think childcare (particularly after the 18-month mark) is a great way to keep a mother sane. I'm simply opposed to the idea that the sole method of doing this is preschool-- or, to be more specific, the idea that preschool is the only legitimate way to prevent your child from becoming socially or intellectually deprived.

All this to say that I'm thrilled that we can finally afford a little bit of childcare and that our new town offers some time slots more conducive to Peter's nap schedule. How much he learns there is unimportant to me, as I still consider myself his primary teacher, but the time it gives me a few mornings a week is priceless. Here's the happy camper on his first day:


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Amy said...

He's getting so big! Yea for Mommy and some time alone! He's so cute...