Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Creative Problem Solving

After months of battling my bookworm-- that is, my child who devours books in the most literal sense of the word, even though he won't eat half of what I put on his high chair tray-- I have finally solved the problem.

Did I use our new code word, "Off limits"?

A simple, "No"?



Positive Reinforcement?

No, I found something much more effective:

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Meanwhile, I've discovered the joys of public storage. Did you know you can get a 5X8 bin for only $30 a month? The same bin might be as much as $100 depending on the part of town, so you've got to look around. But I have to say, if you are parenting a toddler, just give yourself a break and make the investment. Not only are our books stowed away, but so are tabletop items, Christmas decorations, maternity clothes... And we've got a lot more room to live.

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