Wednesday, May 9, 2007

How My Son Got $200 Pajamas

Niagara Falls has nothing on my son. Until recently, our only hope for a leak-free night has been the Bummis wrap. Even the few times we tried a fancy disposable diaper, it would leak—unless we used a Bummis wrap.

This arrangement has served us well, but we needed a change. I panic when anyone besides me diapers Peter for the night. If you don’t get every millimeter of cloth tucked into the wrap, you’ve got a leak. We needed a cover that could slip on easily over his double-stuffed, hemp diaper—a cover so big and stretchy that you just can’t get it wrong.

A cover so easy, even a dad could do it.

The answer? Wool. It’s odor-resistant, antibacterial and can miraculously repel and absorb water all at the same time. It’s the perfect diaper cover, especially for overnight.

Our only problem is that the slightest touch of most wool has me ready to claw off my skin. Maybe I’m allergic. Who knows. But simply putting Peter in a wool cover, least of all having him sleep next to me for part of the night wearing one, just isn’t something I could fathom.

There’s only one wool I can handle: cashmere. Making a wool cover for Peter meant sacrificing one of my beloved J. Crew cashmere sweaters, bought in the days when I had money to spend on things besides groceries. This kid is sleeping in style. Unwilling to waste an inch of that precious wool, I even made him a top to match.
Peter debuted his new pajamas last night. Not only did it keep him dry, but for me, it was like sleeping with a cashmere teddy bear. Can you imagine?

Of course, Tom wasn’t crazy about seeing his son “dolled up” in the fuzzy, pale lime-green. Just wait until he sees the second set. I’ve got another sweater in salmon, which I can only hope my husband thinks is orange, but he may decide it’s pink…


Ardenzmom said...

Very crafty, I must see a picture! I bet it was nice snuggling up to sweet baby, and nice cashmere together and such a bonus that it worked. On the no leaking at night note, have you tried motherease wraps? I used to stuff those puppys full and never got leaks. Sure my baby couldn't move but she stayed dry!!! Well, good luck with the pink, I mean SALMON one.

Martha's World said...

Tomorrow, I'll post not only a picture, but illustrated directions!

And I think I may turn the salmon sweater into a woolen onesie. That could be interesting. I'll share how it goes...

TulipGrrl said...

Cashmere soakers. . . wow. . . elegent.

Christi said...

ROFL!! I love it!