Wednesday, May 23, 2007


In The Continuum Concept, Jean Liedloff lauds the parenting practices of a Stone Tribe in South America. In this tribe where she spent several years, the kids were compliant, respectful, and generally pleasant. It's a fascinating book, a little "out there", but I've got to say this: If Peter lived in the jungle, he'd be pretty easygoing himself. The kid loves the outdoors. When we go outside, our battles largely end.

So we spend much of our time chasing birds and squirrels, searching for the neighbor's cat, and pulling the leaves off of bushes. When he hears an airplane, Peter stops what he's doing to look until he finds it.

Today, Peter stopped for the wind. He stood at attention, quiet and alert, as a strong gust swept through our cul de sac. I didn't even notice the sound of the wind in the trees, until he imitated with, "ssssshhhhhhhh." Is my kid brilliant or what?

Note: We're on our way out of town for my husband's first job interview, and I won't be back to the blogosphere until Monday.

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